Strategic  Innovative  eXperts  Creating  International  Action
Do you really know who you’re doing business with in Latin America?
We create business connections with sustainable opportunities

Do you have a Marketing plan that speaks the
language and culture of the country you’re doing business in?
Create your roadmap to success with us

Bridging the economic gap in the US, Latin America, Europe, and the Caribbean.
We create lasting business connections

Cultural insight – In Latin America business decisions
are made between people not companies
We connect you to trusted companies

Connecting Experts to Global Opportunities – Expertise Brokering Program

Learning Center


Tapping into The Hispanic Market: Engage – Connect – Innovate is a fast and action focused knowledgebase of business, cultural, and language insights to help you tap into the fastest growing market segment in the U.S. and be ahead of the game! Click here for details!


Business Planning, Marketing, Coaching, Training, Website Translation, Networking. Our international business network is key to our success. As we navigate through foreign and local markets we personally meet and create meaningful relationships. We are in business to help you connect with real people and create long lasting results. Our method is more than just data and processes. Sixcia Business unifies people and inspires passion that equal results. This is what drives our company.

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