SIXCIA Business is a platform where businesses
Connect, Innovate, and Thrive Worldwide.

What does SIXCIA mean?

Strategic, Innovative, eXperts, Creating, International, Action

We’re Business Development Experts that LOVE creating purpose, passion and profits
for companies. We are bilingual in the most DSC_8425widely spoken language in the USA - SPANISH. We are a virtual, Woman-owned, and socially conscious company. Our all-star team spans from Rhode Island, Miami, NYC, Spain, and Dominican Republic. We strive to have each advisor work in their most “inspired zone” meaning they’re responsible for areas of the business in which they feel they can make the biggest difference.


S I X C I A is a global business development consulting firm and a leading advisor on creating action focused business strategies. We partner with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors and focus on the rise of emerging domestic and international markets.

“The Latino, African American, and Asian population in the U.S. today exceeds 35% of the population and represents $3 trillion in buying power.”

Social: To actively recognize the integral role that businesses play in the structure of society by initiating ways to improve the quality of life of local, national and international communities.



Passion, inspiration, integrity, delivering results, and making a positive impact on society are just some of our core values. Our commitment to both your success and our own standards is what sets S I X C I A Business apart as an action focused and value driven professional services organization.


“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart” – Thomas Watson, Sr.





S I X C I A Consultants have real-world expertise. They come from a wide variety of exceptional backgrounds. They are successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, game changers, and hold diplomas in all disciplines, from business administration and economics to engineering, psychology, classics, and law.

“Sixcia Devine is an incredible leader with a heart of gold. She prides herself on helping people to connect while being a beacon of light for so many people that cross her path in business. Sixcia is powerful individual who I would highly recommend on any project. She is also a phenomenal team player and a great business woman.” – Geraldo Hodge Jr. President & Founder, 300 Strong, Inc.


Utilizing functional expertise, S I X C I A helps you to develop innovative insights, mobilize organizations, drive meaningful and tangible results, and make companies more passion driven resulting in profits.


S I X C I A supports companies around the world that want to improve their social impact and also increase the benefit to their business through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives. We take a holistic view, incorporating economic, social, and ecological aspects—looking beyond just the functional aspects of the issue.

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word – excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.” -Pearl Buck


  • Passion First Our international business network is key to our success. As we navigate through foreign and local markets we personally meet and create meaningful relationships. We are in business to help you connect with real people and create long lasting results.  Our method is more than just data and processes. Sixcia Business unifies people and inspires passion. This is what drives our company.
  • Breed Creativity Encourage each and every client to develop and share creative ideas that will help business growth.
  • Do It Right Always do what is right versus what is expedient and deliver on our promises.
  • Connect the Customer Create personal and fulfilling relationships with our customers so they feel a deep connection with the company brand.
  • Make Work Fun Love what we do every single day and share that optimism and enthusiasm with each other as a team.



S I X C I A does not believe in standard process driven industry answers. We know that custom solutions produce the greatest advantage and value for you. We ground each solution in how your organization really works and in your unique position in the marketplace.


Our Vision is to help US businesses build, network and sell products in
Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe resulting in job creation
and positive economic spurts.

Our Strategy is to make your business goals and vision a reality!



  • We create meaningful, clear, innovated and action focused business plans.
  • We make personalized introductions to key stakeholders.
  • We help you enter new markets with precision and ease.
  • We tell your story to your target audience using web media tools celebrating your success in foreign markets.

We Execute your written action plan by consistently moving you and your team forward. If you are a future global leader Sixcia Business Coaches will guide you and your team to stay on track by providing you with practical yet innovative tools needed for sustainable growth. Personal executive training takes on a brand new meaning when it comes to executive coaching. This could translate into helping other executives on your team identify their own strengths and weaknesses so they can efficiently go through their day’s endless tasks and gain a level of personal mastery. Helping leaders become more productive.

Why can SIXCIA Business help you grow your business?

Question markEstablishing your business in Latin America is profitable. Before taking the leap, you must ask yourself these questions:

  • Which country(ies) and why?
  • Who do I know there?
  • Who can I trust there?
  • Are my assumptions about the market correct?
  • Who has real experience there?

Our contacts in Latin American regions are invaluable. As you consider a venture in foreign markets we can provide you with not only an excellent network of connections but also insight into:

Industry regulations, risk management, country reports, market/industry overviews, competitive analysis, local financing, and legal regulations.

We are a US based company with deep roots in Latin America and the Caribbean. Understanding the language and culture of doing business in the U.S. and abroad allows us to bridge opportunities and help your business succeed.

“Language and cultural factors have played an important role in the success or failure of many new exporting companies” –Sixcia Devine

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